About - CIRS 2024

The CINEC International Research Symposium (CIRS) 2024, hosted by CINEC Campus, Malabe, Sri Lanka, offers a premier forum for students, distinguished scholars, and leading researchers worldwide to present and exchange their cutting-edge insights, recent research breakthroughs, projects, and innovative ideas. This annual conference upholds the rigorous standards of a professional research symposium, focusing on academic excellence and fostering an intellectually stimulating atmosphere. The event aims to promote the exchange of diverse perspectives, pioneering discoveries, and innovative solutions. CIRS 2024 is a valuable opportunity for emerging researchers and academics to build international networks, enhance their understanding of global research trends, and engage deeply with the forefront of technological innovation.

This further assists the development of the undergraduates’ academic careers.

The main theme of this research symposium is “Sustainable Future: Harnessing Humanity through Creativity and Innovation.” Based on this main theme, the seminar consists of sub-themes/ faculty tracks specific to each faculty of the campus. We call for papers from various disciplines including Engineering, Maritime Sciences, Aviation, Health Sciences, Humanities, and Education.

The CINEC International Research Symposium (CIRS) 2024 will host renowned academics and scholars as honorable speakers, enriching the symposium with their expertise and insights. The event’s comprehensive program features keynote speeches, plenary sessions, and poster presentations, ensuring a diverse and engaging experience for all participants. The symposium proceedings and selected research abstracts will be published in the CINEC Symposium Proceedings, with outstanding research being considered for publication in the CINEC Academic Journal. Participation in CIRS 2024 is highly encouraged, as it provides a unique opportunity for undergraduates and researchers to contribute to the global research landscape, gain recognition, and be acknowledged as future pioneers in their respective fields. This symposium is a significant platform for fostering academic excellence, encouraging the exchange of innovative ideas, and building meaningful connections across the international research community.

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